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Even Pete Prisco admits Russell Wilson is an MVP candidate

Hell has officially frozen over.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

CBS Sports columnist Pete Prisco is a notorious Russell Wilson skeptic. For years he’s called him “good, not great” and can often be seen jousting with Seattle Seahawks fans (or Mike Freeman) on Twitter. Pete has obsessed over Wilson’s ability to play from the pocket since basically the first start of his career. He was adamant in 2015 (and I believe 2016) that Carson Palmer, not Wilson, was the best QB in the NFC West. I would link to his numerous old tweets and columns about Wilson, but that involves going through his past tweets and columns, and that’s no good way to spend a Sunday night just hours after a Seahawks victory.

There is one tweet that I think will shock Seahawks fans in a positive way. After throwing for 227 yards, rushing for 31 more, and tossing three touchdowns while committing zero turnovers against a dangerous Philadelphia Eagles defense, Prisco dropped the bombshell.

Well if Prisco, PETE PRISCO, says Wilson is an MVP candidate, then he’s an MVP candidate. And this is an article being written by a guy who was pretty down on his MVP chances after a rough first half against the San Francisco 49ers last week, so shame on me as an actual Seahawks homer for doubting #3.

The last time a quarterback won league MVP without his team winning a division title was 2008, which was such an underwhelming year for QBs that Peyton Manning took it comfortably over second-place Chad Pennington. I don’t really like to look back at the 2008 season, but it is a reference point just in case the Seahawks don’t win the NFC West.

You can go over advanced stats all you want, but your average AP voter most likely doesn’t look at them. Optics matter a lot, and on a national stage, Wilson delivered the goods against a team that had only lost once all season. He’s tied for 2nd with Tom Brady for touchdown passes (26), leads all quarterbacks in total touchdowns (29), is 6th in passing yards (3,256), and has equaled Eli Manning’s record for most 4th quarter TDs in a single-season (15).

The MVP race is clearly going to be among Wilson, Tom Brady, and Carson Wentz, and if the Seahawks run the table and Wilson continues to play like he did against Philly, then maybe when January rolls around, the next tweet we’ll publish from Prisco will be him saying Wilson IS the MVP.