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2018 NFL Playoffs: Wild card schedule and start times

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are not going to be participating in the 2018 NFL Playoffs. With the way they fell flat on their faces against the Arizona Cardinals, losing 26-24 in the team’s season finale, they deserve to be out.

Nevertheless, the playoffs start next week, and thanks to the absurd 4th and 12 touchdown pass by Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd, the Cincinnati Bengals knocked the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs and put the Buffalo Bills in for the first time since 1999. All of the opening round matchups are now set, and they are as follows:

AFC Wild Card

#5 Tennessee Titans at #4 Kansas City Chiefs - 1:35 PM PT on ESPN (Saturday. January 6th)

#6 Buffalo Bills at #3 Jacksonville Jaguars - 10 AM PT on CBS (Sunday, January 7th)

Byes: #1 New England Patriots, #2 Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC Wild Card

#5 Carolina Panthers at #4 New Orleans Saints - 1:30 PM PT on FOX (Sunday, January 7th)

#6 Atlanta Falcons at #3 Los Angeles Rams - 5:15 PM PT on NBC (Saturday. January 6th)

Byes: #1 Philadelphia Eagles, #2 Minnesota Vikings

No divisional round start times have been set.