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Frank Clark looks right again on the right side

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of the Dwight Freeney release November 21, many fans wondered why the Seattle Seahawks would jettison a player who had been playing well and making contributions. In this piece I looked at what adding Freeney to the team had done to Frank Clark’s production when he moved to the left side to accommodate Freeney, and on Sunday night Frank Clark seemed to show that he prefers rushing from the right side.

During the four games that Freeney was with the Seahawks, Clark primarily rushed from the left side, facing off against the right tackle, and during that time frame he only recorded two sacks, with one of those sacks coming from the right side. Rushing predominantly from the right side Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, Clark put together a monster game that was statistically by far his best game of 2017 season. He recorded two sacks, four tackles (three solo) and a batted pass. Here are the sacks he recorded during the game:

Clark played a major role in the Seattle defense harassing and pressuring Wentz on 29 of 50 dropbacks, helping to make Wentz the most pressured quarterback of Week 13 in the NFL. And the 2.5 sacks he has recorded in the two games since the release of Freeney is more sacks than he recorded during the four games Freeney was on the roster.

So, after his monstrous performance against the Eagles, Frank Clark is now three sacks away from recording double digit sacks in consecutive seasons for the Seahawks, and potentially setting himself up for a very lucrative contract extension once he is eligible.