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National media round-up: What they’re saying about Russell Wilson’s MVP chances after beating the Eagles

A three touchdown night by Wilson solidifies MVP talk

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A three touchdown, no interception night is exactly what the doctor ordered for Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. Before last night’s victory over the NFC leading Philadelphia Eagles little attention was paid to Russell Wilson’s chances of securing the most valuable player award for the NFL. This morning? The pundits have pivoted, with the Seahawks winning big on Wilson’s back in prime time finally everyone saw what we’ve seen all season. Seattle lives or dies on the performance of Russell Wilson.

The Ringer ringing true

Danny Heifetz of the Ringer writes “Seattle’s quarterback is carrying a historically heavy load. It’s time we all start paying attention.” and “If he keeps carrying such a heavy load for the Seattle offense and the team keeps winning at the same rate, is there really any other choice for MVP?” You can read more of his article here.

Sports Illustrated illuminated by Wilson’s performance

More of the same from national writer Conor Orr who writes that “The blueprint is obvious: Either put a spy on Wilson or push your defensive ends up field to prevent his circular scrambling tendencies. And still, he manages to find a way.”

Seahawks fans have, for years now, watched Wilson pull a miracle from nothing. He always seems to find a way. And now he’s got the attention of large market media writers who, until last night, didn’t have a reason to watch the Seahawks. Full article here.

Pro Football Talk gushes

“But it’s the way he orchestrates everything, when nothing around him is perfect, that separates Wilson from most.” writes Darin Gantt. Like a master conductor, Wilson directs and feels every aspect of the offense. Directing movements, improvising brilliantly, and now the world is watching. After a sometimes slow start, the Seahawks in characteristic fashion are heating up at just the right time.

Philadelphia media takes notice

The sky is certainly not falling for the 10-2 Eagles who sit in second place in the NFC. But NBC Philadelphia’s Reuben Frank writes “The Eagles got vintage Russell Wilson Sunday night, and they had no answer.” Additionally quotes Eagle’s safety Malcolm Jenkins on Wilson "He's a human joystick, man,". While not advocating MVP consideration of Wilson, when your recent opponent has nothing but praise, we should take notice here.

Before the game I wrote here on Field Gulls how a strong performance by Russell Wilson would launch him into the national spotlight for MVP consideration and I think last night’s game did. From Sports Illustrated to Good Morning Football, national media is buzzing over the patron saint of Seattle. We are in the golden age of Seahawks football and this team is never finished, never out of a game so long as Russell Wilson is lined up under center.

Besides, everyone is a secret Wilson lover right?