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Bowen: C.J. Prosise in line for breakout season in 2017

Buffalo Bills v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

We didn’t get to see much of rookie C.J. Prosise last season, but what we did see was rather incredible. The versatile running back out of Notre Dame rushed for 172 yards and averaged 5.7 yards per carry, plus added 208 receiving yards with 12.2 yards per catch. The offense was way more explosive when he was on the field, so a healthy offseason/training camp/preseason/season could go a long way towards putting the Seattle Seahawks in the postseason next year.

ESPN’s Matt Bowen posted an Insider article this week highlighting 10 rookies who are set for breakout seasons in 2017 and Prosise was on the list. Here’s some of what Bowen had to say:

Sure, it's a small sample size, but given Prosise's size-speed combination (6-1, 220 pounds, 4.48-second 40-yard dash) and his matchup ability as a receiver, I see him as a really good fit for coordinator Darrell Bevell's offensive system.

Prosise has a smooth running style, he accelerates through the hole, and I like that he can create more daylight due to his lateral agility. He can bounce the ball to find outside lanes or pick up hidden yardage inside the tackles.

He has even more promise as a receiver (where he started his college career at Notre Dame) because of those matchups he can create. He has the route-running ability to win versus a linebacker or safety. Throw option routes, get him open in the flat or take a shot to expose man coverage.

Bowen acknowledges that injuries are an issue and that’s as much acknowledgment as it needs, really. We all know that Prosise has dealt with injuries and nobody can predict what will or won’t happen to his body in the future, so it really doesn’t add anything to the conversation to center every conversation about Prosise around his injuries. What we can do is talk about what we like or dislike about him on the field and if more injuries happen, that sucks. If they don’t, it looks like the Seahawks got a steal in the third round.