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Seahawks receive punishment for not disclosing Richard Sherman injury: A stern warning!

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons
Pete Carroll running away from Roger Goodell at a party
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

On Monday, I wrote that there probably wouldn’t be much Seahawks news for a couple weeks since they are unlikely to use the franchise or transition tag. On Tuesday, I’m publishing my third news story related to the Seahawks.

After rumors arose in January that Seattle would be punished — up to losing a second round pick — for not disclosing an injury to cornerback Richard Sherman for half the season, a new report this week says that their only punishment is the embarrassment and disgrace of misunderstanding a rule.

The Seahawks will only be warned meaning that if they do it again, this warning will also be taken into account and the punishment could be even more severe. Which ... I mean, how does that change how Pete Carroll handles his injury reports on the future? Is this going to force Carroll to list any player with a nick, scrape, or bruise as Probable because he doesn’t want to lose a first round pick if the NFL finds a way to use this against them? Is he going to be even more careful about not disclosing injuries?

Either way, nice job, NFL. You’ve stirred up a controversy that didn’t exist. Hopefully in the future they’ll handle the issues that are really plaguing the league.