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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Examining some recent 2017 mock drafts and a look at the Seahawks needs

CFP National Championship Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With the NFL Scouting Combine two weeks away, we’re in the heart of “Too early” mock draft season. So many things will change after measurements, speed tests, interviews, drug tests, and physicals. That’s the reason that so many mock drafts you see will have such a wide variance of how they rank the top players at each position, especially this year at wide receiver and cornerback. After the combine though, you’ll finally get “Yep, still too early” mock drafts because free agency hasn’t come around yet and we don’t know what every team’s real draft needs will be.

This week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, me and Rob Staton of talk about some of those Too Early mocks (Not that they don’t have value in finding out who these players are) and how they relate to the Seahawks current needs. Then we talk about some potential free agents in March.