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Doug Baldwin’s latest comments on Colin Kaepernick, law enforcement, and Trump

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I’m amazed at how much Doug Baldwin’s production and profile have increased in the last two years. He went from being a gifted, albeit limited 50-yards per game receiver to truly being one of the top 10 players at his position since the middle of 2016. Baldwin has always been seen as outspoken to Seattle Seahawks fans because he was mostly only relevant to the Seahawks community, but as a Pro Bowl wideout with 21 touchdowns in the last two years, Baldwin is being seen and heard by a wider audience.

On Friday in Houston at Super Bowl LI, Baldwin was interviewed by Doug Gottlieb, and they talked about a wide range of topics including how Colin Kaepernick’s protest matter/if it changed anything, Baldwin’s continued efforts to get certain legislation in Washington changed when it comes to police shootings, and whether or not there are Donald Trump supporters in Seattle’s locker room.