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When he won the Super Bowl, Michael Bennett hid replica Lombardi Trophies all over his house for Martellus to find

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On Sunday, The Bennett Bros became Championship Bros when Martellus Bennett won his first ring with the New England Patriots in a stunning 34-28 OT victory over the Atlanta Falcons. He joins his brother Michael Bennett as a Super Bowl champion, with Michael winning with the Seattle Seahawks in 2013. After the game, Martellus was asked by the FOX broadcast crew if Michael lorded it over him when he won a ring with the Seahawks.


Other familial relations include John and Jim Harbaugh, bros who coached against each other in the Super Bowl in 2012, Rob and Rex Ryan (Rob has two rings as an assistant, Rex has one), and Jon and Jay Gruden (Jay an assistant under Jon in 2002). Of course, Peyton and Eli Manning also have two Super Bowl rings each.

But none of them are as entertaining or as easy to root for as The Bennett Bros. It kind of sucked to see the Patriots win, but this was the one bright side to it all.