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Russell Wilson begins wooing process of Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Is it harder for active NFL players to watch the Super Bowl if they’ve won it before or if they haven’t? The ones who haven’t yearn to know what it’s like, so that’s tough, but the ones who have know what it’s like. That may be tougher. Knowing how competitive Russell Wilson has been for his entire life, you know seeing — of all teams — the New England Patriots win the most historically-insane Super Bowl of all-time was like daggers to the chest. That’s probably why he “woke up” (if he had #time2sleep) this morning like a man on a mission.

Wilson even set the date.

I know a lot of Seattle Seahawks fans are wary of their Super Bowl chances in 2017/18, but I still put them at even odds with a handful of other teams. There’s a long ways to go and plenty of change yet to happen. (Vegas has them as the fifth-best odds.)

Wilson is a confident guy, no doubt, but it looks like this year he’s making the Super Bowl his sidepiece.