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Russell Wilson’s family survives car crash in Los Angeles

Seahawks quarterback tweets that everyone is okay

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s wife Ciara was driving a vehicle that got hit by another car in Los Angeles early Friday. It’s not clear if anyone else was in the car but Wilson apparently was not. Ciara is pregrant with Wilson’s child.

TMZ reported the story after obtaining photos of Ciara talking on her telephone outside the wreck, and E! News Online provided details of the crash later Friday.

Wilson then enlisted social media to express his gratitude for their safe passage in his own reverent way.

The couple were featured in a photo essay and interview in Harper’s Bazaar earlier this week, highlighting Ciara’s pregnancy and the mixed family shared by the Seahawks star and young Future, the child of the rapper Future, who is cousins with Dungeon Family pioneer Rico Wade. It’s a big family.

In that interview, Ciara revealed, "I don't want to lose myself. I love myself too much. I love life too much." She also said she doesn’t like cursing so she always spells out swear words. Hopefully the other driver wasn’t a good speller either.