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Patriots acquire Brandin Cooks from Saints without giving up Malcolm Butler

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

About an hour ago, some stupid Field Gulls writer wrote that “day two of NFL free agency has been a hell of a lot less exciting than day one.” Next thing you know, the Patriots add wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the team without giving up Malcolm Butler, as was initially rumored. Instead, New England traded their first- and third-round pick for New Orleans’ fourth-rounder.

Apparently it’s still possible that Butler goes to the Saints anyway, but just not directly for Cooks.

New England has traded for Kony Ealy, Dwayne Allen, and now Brandin Cooks. They also signed Stephon Gilmore to replace Logan Ryan (now with the Titans), so they’ve just been killing it over the last 48 hours.

Kenneth Arthur certainly caused a stir on Twitter and on this site a few days back, believing that the Seahawks need a starting-caliber WR on the roster, and that Cooks was an option worth considering.

Players like Cooks — 23, cheap (he’ll be due a little over $2 million next season with a fifth-year option certain to be picked up for 2018), and extremely talented — don’t come around often. It’s a similar move to the ones for Graham and Percy Harvin, but Cooks would be even more valuable than both of them for various reasons. That’s why the cost is definitely their first round pick (26th overall) but is Cooks a better player than anyone John Schneider can get in the draft this year? That’s the only question left to be answered, it’s why they felt comfortable trading out of the horrible 2013 first round draft class, and at the bottom of round one in 2015 where they didn’t love any prospects rumored to be available.

Well that settles that. I’m a fan of Cooks (evidence!) and would’ve loved to have him on the Seahawks offense, but that’s obviously not happening, and Tom Brady gets a shiny new toy. C’est la vie.

There’s nothing to suggest Seattle was ever in the Cooks sweepstakes, and early signs point to the Seahawks being more focused on adding a running back than another wide receiver. Numero uno on the priority list is most definitely the offensive line. This isn’t to say the Seahawks won’t go after a WR, but if they sign any of these current available free agents, you’re looking at no better than a cheap #3 or #4 caliber of player.