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NFL trade rumors: Raiders interested in acquiring Marshawn Lynch from Seahawks, per source

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Multiple sources reported on Friday morning that the Oakland Raiders are working on acquiring retired running back Marshawn Lynch.

There have yet to be any indications that Lynch wants to play again, but it’s not that insane that he would. There’s not a considerable age difference between him and Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles, both of whom are looking for new homes at the moment and will eventually land one. Lynch also has the potential benefit of taking last year off and most likely being in good condition, as opposed to 2015 when he was injured and looked to have lost a step. Of course, Lynch is from Oakland and may dream of getting in one year with a Raiders jersey before officially calling it quits.

The Seahawks hold his rights and could look to benefit from a small reward in trade, but I also see no reason for them to keep him from returning if the Raiders don’t want to make a trade. Seattle would have to release his rights and they don’t seem like the type of organization that would prevent him from coming back to play for another team — though they did give him a considerable contract a couple years ago to appease him and may not be that happy that he’d only return to play for someone else. It’s a complicated situation perhaps, but eventually if it turns out that Lynch wants to play for the Raiders and vice versa, it’s probably going to happen.

ProFootballTalk chimed in as well, saying that there was a “very good chance” Lynch un-retires, per a source.