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Marshawn Lynch rumors: Beast Mode would apparently go East Mode with Patriots

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While the idea of Marshawn Lynch returning but not playing for the Seattle Seahawks always stung a little, I think most fans didn’t care because at least he’d only do it for his hometown Oakland Raiders. It’s not like Lynch would ever play for a different NFC West team or worse, the New England Patriots.

Oh wait, maybe he would.

On Monday, Pats beat reporter Jeff Howe set off a beastquake with the rumor that Lynch has privately expressed an interest in playing for Bill Belichick in New England. Can I get a “F^#% that”?

If this rumor is true, the most important bit of info is that Lynch will return and play for someone else if the Raiders end up declining to meet his contract demands or if Oakland can’t work out a trade deal with Seattle. All the rumors so far have said “Raiders or bust” but it appears that “bust” could just be another city. There is a 0-percent chance that Lynch plays for the Seahawks again unless he remains retired until the season and then something happens to Eddie Lacy or one of the other Seattle backs and Lynch still has the itch to play ... which is not that absurd.

I mean, is it less absurd than the notion that Lynch wants to return and play for the team on the other side of that one-yard rush attempt that never happened? As if this wasn’t sick enough, Lynch is only the second Seattle player to be rumored to privately be in New England, as the trade blocked Richard Sherman has also been said to be interested in playing for the Pats. A two-player deal? Keep in mind that the Patriots do not have a first or second round pick this year.

As of now, Lynch remains retired and under contract with the Seahawks. That seems like it could change at any moment.