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Seattle Seahawks schedule release 2017: Rumors, leaks, Seahawks info, league-wide news and updates

Wild Card Round - Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

It’s that wonderful time of the year! Tonight at 8 PM ET on NFL Network and ESPN, we’ll have the full release of the 2017 NFL Regular Season schedule. How many primetime games will the Seattle Seahawks get? What about 10 AM PT road trips out east? Will the NFL once again stick Titans-Jaguars on Thursday Night Football? So many questions, and we’ll soon know the answers to all of them in just hours.

This post contains everything from rumored dates and times across the league, any pertinent Seahawks news, strength-of-schedule, and more. A separate post will be made once the Seahawks schedule is out.


Seahawks opponents

Home: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts

Away: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars


Seahawks strength-of-schedule ranking

The Seahawks are near the bottom of the NFL in terms of opposition winning percentage from the 2016 season. They’re tied with Minnesota at 25th (at .455), although we know that some great teams are destined to fall off (see: last year’s Panthers), while some awful teams (Jaguars?) may be better than they were last season.


What we know about the Seahawks schedule

  • Almost guaranteed to open the season on the road. The Mariners and Sounders are home on September 10th, so unless the Seahawks play a Monday night game, it’ll be a road trip to start the year.
  • Almost guaranteed to play week 2 at home. Due to a Mariners home game in week 3, week 2 is free for the Seahawks to play at CenturyLink Field. NFL teams can’t have three straight road games to start the season.
  • All of their non-NFC West road games could be 10 AM PT kickoffs. This is unlikely considering at least one of these games is good enough for primetime, but all of Seattle’s non-divisional road opponents are in the Central or Eastern time zones, so theoretically we could see five 10 AM start times.


Seahawks confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Report: Seahawks at Giants on October 22nd, per Mike Francesa.

Rumor: Falcons at Seahawks on Monday Night Football on November 20th.

Report: Eagles at Seahawks on Sunday, December 3rd.

Report: Seahawks will begin the season at Green Bay.

Report: Seahawks vs. 49ers at CLink for week 2.

Rumor: Seahawks at Jaguars on December 10th

NFL schedule confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Chiefs at Patriots will reportedly be the Thursday Night Kickoff game.

Giants at Redskins will reportedly be the Thursday Night Football game on Thanksgiving night.

LA Chargers at Broncos will reportedly be the second game of the week 1 Monday Night Football doubleheader, essentially shutting the door for the Seahawks to open at home on MNF.

Vikings at Saints is set to be the first doubleheader game on MNF.

Super Bowl LI rematch will be on SNF.

Report: Green Bay’s full home schedule

Report: New England’s full schedule