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Mike Mayock on Seahawks pick: If Forrest Lamp is there, sprint to the podium

CUSA Championship - Louisiana Tech v Western Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock held his pre-draft conference call on Friday, and spoke some on what the Seattle Seahawks should do with the 26th overall pick. Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times asked if the Seahawks should forego their needs at offensive line because the class of defensive players is so good and the line market is quite weak.

Mayock agreed that they might need to go defense, but then he added that the exception would be Forrest Lamp of Western Kentucky.

“If Lamp was there, I think I’d sprint to the podium,” said Mayock. “He would upgrade their line and be a day one plug and play starter. If he was around at 26, I’d be all over it.”

Mayock added that if they draft Lamp in round one, it sets the tone of what they’ll do with their one second and three third round picks. “They’ve got a little bit of draft capital and an ability to get after it,” he said. “If you get Lamp, at 58 and 90 you can look at corners, defensive tackles.”

One of the more interesting things Mayock said also had to do with Seattle’s propensity to go cheap on o-line with the thought that Tom Cable can make the most out of raw players at the position: “I think Tom Cable’s so well regarded that they just assume that he can continue to work magic with basketball players or defensive tackles or whatever.”

The draft starts at 5 PM PST on Thursday, though the Seahawks possibly won’t make their first pick until Friday if the trend of them trading down continues.