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NFL draft rumors: 49ers still considering QB, Mitch Trubisky best fits Shanahan mold

North Carolina v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Don’t be the person who says that you know what John Lynch will do. If you catch yourself being that person, retreat with, “but then again, we’ve never seen an NFL general manager who had less experience in a front office that he does.” Lynch is the quintessential wild card at GM, without a scratch of a history in draft tendencies, so at this point anything is still possible.

So while rumors that the San Francisco 49ers are considering taking a quarterback with the second overall pick may seem surprising to football fans because there isn’t a consensus top-10 QB in this class, it would not be shocking to find out that Lynch could be the type of GM who takes one anyway. Especially if he doesn’t know that he can get his head coach Kyle Shanahan a Kirk Cousins-sized present in a year. And obviously, he can’t know that.

Most observers would say that the 49ers best option would be to trade down, and that is something Lynch is known to be trying to do, but it’s a lot easier said that done this year. Without that “must-have, won’t fall past two” player on the board, San Francisco would really have to sell that a certain player won’t fall past the Chicago Bears at three. The term “smoke screen” is being thrown around again and, well, for my money I’m ready to throw it out the window because I think it’s something that sounds smart but the people who use it often don’t even know what it means.

Is it possible that the 49ers want some teams to believe they are going to take Trubisky so that said teams will try and trade up? Hell yeah. Is there any evidence? Hell no. Is there any evidence that San Francisco is interested in taking Solomon Thomas or Mitch Trubisky? I mean, they did meet with Trubisky and the other top quarterbacks, as you’d expect. In general, we as people can do better than saying “Smoke screen” and running away.

The draft is now three days away and then finally we can get some answers. I could see the Niners doing all sorts of moves at pick two — because we still have no idea what kind of GM Lynch will be. Do I hope that he’s the type that picks Trubisky second overall when the team is so desperate for talent at any position? Yes. But that doesn’t mean Trubisky won’t end up as the best pick of the draft. It just doesn’t seem that way at the moment.