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NFL draft rumors: Seahawks, Falcons getting ready for potential day 1 trade

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It’s not even Thursday yet and there are already reports that the Seattle Seahawks are primed to move down again. Not only that, but that they’re looking to potentially repeat their 2016 move and trade down from 26 to pick 31, except this time it’ll be with the Atlanta Falcons instead of the Denver Broncos. The trade rumor was reported by Tony Pauline:

I’ve been told the Falcons want to jump ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys to ensure themselves of a top-rated pass rusher. The name being floated as their target is Charles Harris of Missouri.

Once they move back, the Seahawks will then target an offensive lineman. The name given to me is tackle Garett Bolles of Utah. Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable was on the Utes campus this past Sunday meeting with the team’s top offensive line prospects.

I’m told the compensation for the swap is likely to end up being a fourth-round pick.

The big thing to wait for on Wednesday is simply how the board falls, not just for the Falcons’ sake but also for Seattle’s. There are still scenarios in which certain players are on the board that the Seahawks may not want to move down and lose out on, or even players in the top 20 that they can’t believe are falling that they want to trade up for. Otherwise, this move makes so much sense, you probably could’ve outlined it in February just after Atlanta was up 28-3.

I don’t know why I took an extra dig at the Falcons, but it just seemed to fit. Like this potential trade rumor.