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NFL draft results: Seahawks trade down for a third time

Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, Doug Baldwin, Lily Collins, Allen Stone, Grace VanderWaal And More Come Together At WE Day Seattle To Celebrate Young People Changing the World Photo by Suzi Pratt/Getty Images for WE

The Seattle Seahawks originally had the 26th overall pick, but they traded down to 31 with the Atlanta Falcons, adding a third and seventh round pick. They then moved down from 31 to 34 with the San Francisco 49ers, adding a fourth round pick and giving the Seahawks the whole night to decide what they think about the remaining available players. Seattle already had six picks for day two and 10 picks total ... not enough.

The Seahawks have moved down for a third time, making a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars and moving down to one pick, to number 35. John Schneider added a sixth round pick (187) (a notably dangerous number) in the process. They now have 11 picks to work with and five picks on day three.

Some of the players on the board that Seattle continues to pass on include Forrest Lamp, Chidobe Awuzie, Tyus Bowser, Cam Robinson, Malik McDowell, Marcus Maye, and so on...they must feel comfortable no changes will happen with the Jaguars that will hurt their board.