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Seahawks’ new OL Ethan Pocic should be comfortable in adverse weather in Seattle

Despite an SEC pedigree at LSU, second round pick is a northerner eager to show his bare arms during December football

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks’ second second-round pick Ethan Pocic may have been targeted by Tom Cable for his versatility in playing all three positions on the offensive line, but he adds an extra element of versatility thanks to his willingness to play through all the elements, according to a profile by SEC Country’s Alex Hickey.

Mike Mayock called Pocic a “polarizing” figure in January because his measurables contrast somewhat with his placement as a center at LSU—at 6-foot-6 the Seahawks may be looing at Pocic for a position where they have a greater need than center—but Hickey claims Pocic is comfortable in polar temperatures, or perhaps the sort of rain and wind he may have to face playing in January games in Seattle: “Pocic won’t have any trouble adjusting to lousy weather conditions late in the season,” Hickey writes. “He was raised in the Chicago suburb of Lemont, Illinois, and figures to be the type of lineman John Madden would always circle for not wearing sleeves in absurdly cold temperatures.”

Pocic says his favorite all-time player in the NFL is Brett Favre, who was also always down for some wintry mix.