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Found: Highlight footage of Seahawks rookie receiver David Moore

The Seahawks second-to-last pick of the 2017 draft was one of the biggest mysteries of this year’s class. David Moore, a receiver out of East Central (OK), had intriguing measurables at 6’1, 219 lbs, 4.42 speed, but was not going to get many looks because he played at a division II school and even a normal YouTube search doesn’t easily return his highlights. I mean, there are probably thousands of seriously dedicated highlight videos out there for many high school players, but a guy who is now an NFL draftee remained largely unknown. Luckily, Moore himself came through in the clutch, though it was last year.

As a senior, Moore caught 57 passes for 878 yards and 10 touchdowns, but he was even more productive as a junior: 55 passes for 1,097 yards and 13 touchdowns. On last year, Moore posted a highlight reel from his junior year, plus a bunch of other individual clips.

Here are some additional short highlights of individual games, and more can be found at