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Seahawks rookies send out Happy Mother’s Day messages to their moms

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A post about players wishing their moms a Happy Mother’s Day is certainly not game analysis, All-22, or stats — but I do think it is nice to see the human side of these players. A reminder that beyond the college film and combine, these are regular dudes who live regular lives (for the most part) like all of us. And I just think that with most players, we lose sight of that because we don’t see them speak openly about their lives outside of football.

It’s one thing to see Amara Darboh’s highlights, but it’s another to get perhaps your first look at what Amara Darboh’s voice sounds like, how he conducts himself, how he speaks on camera; I mean, isn’t that the most endearing thing about a person like Michael Bennett? Isn’t that what draws us to him more than a good run stop or a sack? That line between being a good player and a fan favorite.

The Seahawks Twitter account posted a video on Mother’s Day of most of Seattle’s rookie class wishing their moms a Happy Mother’s Day, plus the reaction of said moms on the other end. It’s sweet and nice and not bad at all.

Absent is top pick Malik McDowell and his mother Joya Crowe. Crowe has remained fairly silent since a 2014 story that she and the family were quite upset that Malik chose Michigan State, because “something happened” there. But Crowe probably got over it and this is her only tweet, from 2015:

Some more messages from Seahawks: