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Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy weighs 253 lbs, earns $55,000 for meeting first target goal

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy has seven weight targets to hit from May until the end of the regular season, with each success netting him $55,000 (or $385,000 in total). Lacy was reportedly 267 lbs at the time he signed with Seattle in free agency, and lo and behold, his first target of 255 lbs in May is a successful one. In fact, Lacy made it with room to spare.

With one weight loss triumph in the books for the former Alabama and Green Bay Packers star, here are the remaining goals for Lacy:

June: 250 lbs
July: N/A
August: 250 lbs
September-December: 245 lbs

Pete Carroll was on Brock and Salk on Monday morning, and while he didn’t have much to say specifically about Lacy’s weight, he was his usual positive self while speaking in general terms.

"He looks great,” Carroll said. “He's huge. And he's going to keep playing huge and he did a fantastic job."

Let’s hope Eddie keeps hitting those goals on the scales and hitting those holes on the football field.