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Chris Cornell & the Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle music legend Chris Cornell died on Wednesday night at the age of 52. Early reports indicate an “apparent suicide” after Cornell performed in Detroit, Michigan with Soundgarden, the group he’s most affiliated with though Cornell also performed with Audioslave and released five solo albums.

Just the fact that Cornell existed at all was almost like an accident; no human being is meant to be one of the greatest singers in the world and also look like a combination of Brad Pitt and Jesus Christ. But he pulled it off and along with Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder became representatives for Seattle’s grunge scene in the 90s, which took over music for many years. In fact, here is Vedder singing on 1991’s “Hunger Strike” with Cornell’s side project Temple of the Dog:

I am certainly not someone who should eulogize Cornell. I have always been more of the sports and movies and TV guy than I have been the music guy. But Soundgarden certainly played prominently into my middle school days, and I’m sure many Field Gulls readers can attest to similar experiences, no matter how old you are.

And Cornell, like you, was also a huge Seattle sports fan.

Prior to the Seahawks Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos in February, 2014, Cornell recorded this video with Seattle celebrity chef Mario Batali:

There was also this hype video that Cornell narrated around that same time

Chris Cornell: What was that sound?

Here he is playing a show with Soundgarden before the Seahawks were set to open their 2014 season:

Cornell was also super pissed about the Sonics leaving, like many Seattle residents:

And here’s the video for Black Hole Sun because why the fuck not:

RIP Chris Cornell. Feel free to share your favorite Soundgarden/Cornell memories below. Who was at that 2014 concert?