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Marshawn Lynch emerges in Raiders gear for the first time

Running back Marshawn Lynch has likely always dreamed of playing for the Oakland Raiders, and on Tuesday that fantasy took its most real form yet: Lynch was donned in full Raiders practice gear for the first time. Our friends at Silver and Black Pride have a full gallery of images of Lynch in silver and black with pride, all pulled from Oakland’s official team website.

In these images, you can see Lynch running drills in sweats and a baseball cap, and perhaps most jarring of all, taking handoffs from his new quarterback Derek Carr.

Lynch was traded to the Raiders last week in exchange for moving up from the sixth round to the fifth round in the 2018 NFL draft. He has not played since 2015 and really hasn’t played well since 2014, but will now get handoffs behind one of the best offensive lines in football and do so in front of his hometown crowd. The Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders meet in the preseason finale.