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Did Spike Lee spill the beans on Colin Kaepernick signing with the Seahawks?

Derek Jeter Ceremony Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Filmmaker and noted sports enthusiast Spike Lee is often seen adjacent to big sports moments as a fan, but on Saturday he may have directly involved himself into NFL headlines. Well, actually there’s no “may” about it because I just wrote an NFL headline with Spike Lee in it for this very article. That’s because Lee made a since-deleted post on Instagram announcing that the Seattle Seahawks had signed his friend Colin Kaepernick to a contract.

The still-up tweet about the signing is here:

But there are still screenshots from the initial post:

Kaepernick met with the Seahawks on Wednesday, with initial reports being that there would be no imminent signing, until NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport then flipped it around to say that if he did sign with Seattle it would probably be in the next couple of days. Almost four days have now passed since the meeting with no news coming from anyone other than the director of the 2013 remake of Old Boy.

Lee may have deleted the post because Kaepernick told him to, or it could have just been that Lee made a mistake and misinterpreted some news he heard. Officially, there probably would be no reason for the Seahawks to hold back a signing announcement, if indeed one happened. We should find out one way or another quite soon — if there is no news this weekend, then probably nothing happened yet.