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Tedric Thompson documented his emotional draft weekend experience on video

Spoiler alert: The Seattle Seahawks selected Colorado safety Tedric Thompson with the 111th overall pick of the draft. The video of John Schneider and Pete Carroll calling Thompson to notify him of their intentions to take him made some waves because of Thompson’s emotional reaction to the news.

Well, we have video of the “reverse angle” now too.

Thompson’s brother made a video of their experiences of waiting on days one and two (with no such phone calls) and the agony of that, coupled with the ecstasy of Tedric getting the phone call on day three. Get to know Thompson’s family and a bit of who he is as a person and a player with this short documentary. It’s hard to watch it and not feel like you’re already pulling for Tedric to have a long, productive career with the Seahawks (why wouldn’t you anyway, but I’m all for a little extra tug on the heart strings).

The good news: Thompson was arguably the best coverage safety in the nation last year and could make teams regret that long wait on draft weekend.