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Eddie Lacy passes second weight check, collects another $55,000

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy keeps on losing the pounds and gaining the dollars.

Lacy has seven weight targets to hit throughout the season, starting from May and ending in December. He needed to be no heavier than 255 for the first weight check, and he tipped the scales at 253. This month, Lacy needed to be under 250 to earn himself another $55,000, and according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, he’s passed it.

We don’t know the specific weight for Lacy, but who really cares? The man is on a weight-loss winning streak! That’s $110,000 out of a possible $385,000 he’s already won. He will not have a weigh-in on July, but he will have to remain at 250 or under in August, then 245 for the entire regular season.

Lacy recently posted this little clip of himself doing his P90X workout.

Now for more important matters pertaining to what he’ll provide on the gridiron, here’s Lacy making a nice catch on a deep wheel route pattern at OTAs from last week. As long as he stays in shape and the offensive line isn’t an unmitigated run-blocking disaster, I see every reason to be excited about his presence on the team.