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Richard Sherman’s response to the media, clickbait, and accusations against Russell Wilson’s place in the locker room

NFL: Pro Bowl-Photo Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s just me and my internet history, cookies and what have you, but when I Google “Seth Wickersham,” the top three hits relay back to his May 25 story on Richard Sherman and his supposed contentiousness with some people in the Seahawks organization. Wickersham’s piece for ESPN the Magazine blew up that day and included many responses, from players, reporters, and fans. It got “clicked” millions of times probably, but Sherman and many of his teammates were quick to call it “nonsense” and a made-up story.

Their feelings haven’t changed.

During his post-practice news conference on Wednesday, Sherman called his relationship with Russell Wilson “fantastic.” He laid into the media with what he described as a desire to make up controversy for the reward of clicks, and noted that it’s hard for good journalists to get work because of it.

On the story way back when that argued some players in the locker room didn’t think Wilson was “black enough,” Sherman said “Of course not” and that “it’s hard enough being black in America.”

However, at another point in the interview, Sherman does say that if Wickersham had written a piece about how a great team had a competitive environment and an “iron sharp mentality” that it probably would have gotten the same number of clicks.

In his own press conference, defensive end Michael Bennett called Wilson, “The perfect leader.”