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Derek Carr plans to give Marshawn Lynch the ball at the 1-yard line

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr is the highest-paid player in NFL history, having agreed to a 5-year, $125 million contract extension. He’s coming off a season in which the Raiders qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2002, but a broken leg in week 16 effectively dashed Oakland’s hopes of making a deep playoff run. Connor Cook and Matt McGloin let the world know that neither one of them is any good.

Okay, that’s enough stalling. Let’s get to the part where he takes a clear shot at the Seahawks for the way Super Bowl XLIX ended, AKA Marshawn Lynch not getting the football on Seattle’s final offensive play. (Via

"My No. 1 goal is that I'm going to make sure that I give everything I have to this organization," Carr told reporters Friday at a news conference announcing his new contract. "There's no pressure, there's no, you know, we'll be on the 1-yard line and I won't give it to Marshawn -- I'll throw it. There's none of that stuff. I don't care about the stats. That's not my No. 1 objective. I don't care if I throw 10 touchdowns next year. If we win every game, that's all I care about."

Are you riled up yet? Did this bring back bad memories? Do you have your pitchforks out? Does this reignite hatred for the Oakland Raiders after this rivalry went dormant thanks to the Seahawks moving to the NFC West? Sure, Carr could’ve said a host of other things about being the face of the franchise that has longed for such a quarterback since 2002 Rich Gannon, and I suppose he’s going to flaunt the fact that he has Beast Mode in the backfield, but why’d he have to bring up that play?

Whatever. Let Carr have his moment, especially since this is the most promising outlook for the Raiders as a Super Bowl contender in more than a decade. If New England falters for some reason, then Oakland is one of the few teams in the AFC with a real chance of getting to Minneapolis in February 2018. They just need to remember that you can’t give Marshawn the ball at the 1-yard line if you don’t get there in the first place.