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The Earl Thomas sizzle reel that’ll get you all hot and bothered for next season

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Minicamp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As you can see in the photo above, Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas can put on a helmet and get on the field again, seven months since breaking his leg against the Carolina Panthers. He may not be able to go if there was a game today, but that won’t be an issue and he should be ready well before Week 1. That’s great to think about, because after he broke his leg, the Seahawks almost immediately reverted to their pre-Earl 2009 days.

Before the Panthers game, Seattle hadn’t allowed more than 25 points to any team. After that, they allowed 38, 3 (to the Rams), 34, 23, 6, and 36.

It would be an understatement to say that Seahawks fans are excited about the return of Earl in 2017. In a recent post I did on Twitter about which player on the roster Seattle fans were most excited to see play next season, Thomas was the most popular answer even though he’s also the most known player on the roster since he was Pete and John’s second pick ever with the team back in 2010. Since then he hadn’t missed a single game until his bad luck against Carolina, and fans hope he never has to miss a snap again, which hopefully long after his mini-retirement worry following his broken leg.

If you aren’t jazzed about Thomas’ return yet, then watch this next vid.

Created by Chad Blue (@BlueHawk22) for, it’s some of Earl’s best plays over the last seven seasons. It’s been a phenomenal experience watching him develop into a Hall of Fame safety, and since he’s still only 28, there’s a good chance we are going to get a lot more highlights like these ones.