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Century Links 7/10: Looking at the Future of the Legion of Boom


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The original ‘Legion of Boom’ reunites for Kam Chancellor’s wedding | Q13 FOX News
The photos that have come out from Kam Chancellor's wedding Saturday night may have brought tears of joy to some Seahawks fans. That's because the original "Legion of Boom" reunited for the wedding as groomsmen.

Q&A: Who is the best newcomer to the NFC West? - NFL Nation- ESPN
From first-round picks Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas to veteran WR Pierre Garcon, the 49ers are getting some love for their offseason pickups.

NFL Rumors: Should Seattle Seahawks Bring On Darrelle Revis?
NFL rumors about Darrelle Revis raise some interesting questions for contending teams. Could the Seattle Seahawks benefit from giving Revis a contract for the 2017 NFL season? A report by NBC Sports ...

Seahawks' Bennett inspiring youth and pros alike - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
More than 800 people were at the University of Hawaii Sunday morning to attend an annual camp run by Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

Is it time 12s expect less from the Seattle Seahawks?

Is it time 12s expect less from the Seattle Seahawks? Every season since 2013 the Seahawks have achieved less. Is 2017 the next downward step?

Most Intriguing Seahawks: No. 16, DT Jarran Reed

"Brock and Salk" continued its countdown of the 20 Most Intriguing Seahawks with defensive tackle Jarran Reed. John Clayton writes that Reed could follow Frank Clark in making a second-year jump.

Predicting the NFC West and Seahawks finish in 2017

The Seahawks ran away with the division and hosted a playoff game last season. Who will take the NFC West this season? Find out!

PFT preseason power rankings No. 32: New York Jets | ProFootballTalk

With training camps still a couple of weeks away and (fortunately) not many arrests or other misdeeds to fill the slow time, there's a void that needs to be filled.

Panthers fans may get a break with N.C. “brunch bill” | ProFootballTalk

Panthers fans may be able to start their tailgating in earnest a little sooner this season, or at least they might not have to stock up the night before.

Eagles wideouts in North Dakota to work with Carson Wentz | ProFootballTalk

North Dakota does not pop up on many lists of the best places for summer travel, but the state is getting a boost to this year's numbers. They have native son Carson Wentz to thank for that.

Rashad Jennings expects to sign before season starts -

Rashad Jennings spent this offseason building his brand off of the field. Now he wants to be back on it. The former Giants running back is looking forward to signing with a team.

Von Miller takes aim at sack leader Vic Beasley -

Von Miller is widely regarded as the league's best pass rusher. But Miller has his eyes set on another prize: sack leader, an honor currently held by Falcons pass rusher Vic Beasley.

Demaryius Thomas: I've got a couple good years left -

Demaryius Thomas is the latest to rave about how he's never felt better after alleviating hip pain, but the wideout capped his career at a point that isn't too far away. Is he selling himself short?