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Video: Watch the top 10 plays of Kam Chancellor’s career

There are some great highlights creators on Youtube, and this video will be of interest to Seahawks fans. NFL Reel created a list of the ten best plays of Kam Chancellor’s Seahawks career, which you can watch at the top of the page. If you don’t have time to watch it now, here’s a rundown of the order:

10.) Interception vs. 49ers in 2014 NFC Championship Game. San Francisco’s final three possessions all ended in turnovers. While the Seahawks couldn’t score on a Michael Bennett fumble recovery, they did manage a crucial field goal off of Chancellor’s interception of Colin Kaepernick. You know what happened next.

9.) Interception vs. Cardinals in 2013 home game. Cardinals TE Rob Housler couldn’t catch a touchdown in the back of the end zone, and Chancellor was there to take the ball away on the deflection. Seattle did lose this game, but the defense prevented a potentially one-sided defeat with three interceptions of Carson Palmer in Seahawks territory.

8.) Interception vs. Steelers in 2015 home game. The Seahawks offense essentially put the game away with an 80-yard touchdown from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin, but Chancellor prevented backup QB Landry Jones from making things interesting, as he picked off a deep ball to Martavis Bryant. Kudos to Deshawn Shead for the excellent defense on Bryant.

7.) Interception vs. Broncos in 2014 home game. With Denver threatening to rally for an unlikely win after being down 17-3, Kam snagged a Peyton Manning pass intended for Wes Welker, and raced all the way to Denver’s side of the field. Seattle kicked a field goal, Denver would tie the game anyway, which set up Beast Mode to win it in overtime.

6.) Interception vs. Broncos in Super Bowl 48. Chancellor probably should’ve been MVP for this one. He set the tone with a vicious hit on Demaryius Thomas on Denver’s second possession, and then intercepted Manning on an overthrown pass towards the end of the opening quarter. Seattle cashed in with a Lynch TD run to go up 15-0, and the rest is history.

5.) Forced fumble at Vikings in 2016 NFC Wild Card. Minnesota needed a long, time-consuming drive to hold onto their slender 9-7 lead in the 4th quarter. Kam Chancellor had other ideas, ripping the ball free from Adrian Peterson’s grasp. Seattle recovered and kicked what proved to be the game-winning field goal. Blair Walsh could’ve won it for Minnesota, but at least it made Seahawks fans cheer, almost as if he knew that’s what he’d eventually have to do on a regular basis.

4.) Interception for a touchdown vs. Panthers in 2015 NFC Divisional Round. The only touchdown of Chancellor’s career came against Carolina. Cam Newton was trying to put the Panthers back within 7, only for Chancellor to perfectly jump Newton’s pass to Ed Dickson and send Seattle to the NFC Championship Game. This is also the most recent pick-six the Seahawks have to date.

3.) Tackle for loss vs. Cardinals in 2013 road game. My description sounds boring, but I can assure you this isn’t a boring play. Chancellor bulldozed Eric Winston out of the stadium and then re-entered the stadium to tackle Andre Ellington for a loss. Eric Winston is a 6’7”, 300+ lbs offensive lineman, and Chancellor made him look like he was a giant pillow.

2.) Unnecessary roughness penalty vs. 49ers in 2012 home game. Kam Wham Bam Thank You, Maam’d Vernon Davis straight into the Puget Sound. A penalty was assessed even though I’m 99.9% sure that this was a legal hit. It’s quintessential Kam.

1.) Forced fumble vs. Lions in 2015 home game. As the offense bungled an insane number of opportunities to put the Lions away, Detroit was in prime position to hand Seattle its first Monday Night Football loss since 2004. Calvin Johnson caught Matthew Stafford’s pass, picked up a first down, reached for the goal line ... touchback was signaled. This was Kam’s second game after he ended his holdout, and the whining about the “illegal bat” aside, Chancellor’s DDOS attack (Deprive Detroit of Six) was nothing short of legendary. Seattle escaped a 1-3 hole and hung on for a 13-10 victory.

We can’t avoid the fact that Chancellor is an unrestricted free agent after this season. If this year is Kam’s last as a member of the Seahawks, it’s been one hell of a ride and he’s provided this franchise with some truly special moments.