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Seahawks podcast reunion show with Mina Kimes and Danny Kelly

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Minicamp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s been awhile but the boys and girl are back in town. “Real in the Field Gulls” returns, at least for this week, with myself, Danny Kelly of The Ringer, and Mina Kimes of ESPN. And we had a grand old time.

We talk Seahawks, free agency, draft, Pete Carroll, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, Justin Britt, Richard Sherman, Shaq Griffin, Malik McDowell, and a whole lot more. You can subscribe to Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur on iTunes for further episodes, when they do happen to drop. Follow Mina on Twitter @MinaKimes and Danny over at @DannyBKelly.

You can also find some more information about Con-Air over at the Con-Air imdb page. Did you know that the American theatrical trailer for this film was narrated by Hal Douglas? Or that In the beginning, as the film mentions the accomplishments of the US Army Rangers, most of the stock footage from Desert Storm is of US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and US Marines, not of Rangers?