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Trevone Boykin’s probation revocation case is closed, but legal issues aren’t over

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Second-year Seahawks quarterback Trevone Boykin was scheduled to appear in a Dallas court on July 14th for the two misdemeanor charges, but a court spokesperson confirmed to The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta that this has been rescheduled to August 22nd. The Seahawks will be playing home preseason games on either side of that date, but according to Condotta’s article, “Boykin apparently will not have to be present for what is listed as an announcement of charges.”

In March, Boykin was arrested in Dallas for marijuana possession and public intoxication after a car crashed into a bar. Boykin was the passenger in the vehicle. This offense was deemed a violation of his probation from a previous arrest in 2015, thus putting him at risk of having his probation revoked. Gregg Bell of The Olympian confirmed that the revocation case is closed.

“There is no finding of guilt,” Boykin’s attorney in San Antonio, Jaime Cavazos, said in a phone conversation.

“He is done with us,” the coordinator for Bexar County Court 12 confirmed.

Court records show it closed July 7, after he had pleaded no contest. Boykin was fined $1,500 and ordered to pay another $237 in court costs.


Cavazos said prosecutors “didn’t present witnesses to prove” in Bexar County Court that his client’s arrest in Dallas violated terms of his one-year probation in San Antonio. What the judge found, Cavazos said, was that Boykin “did not complete his probation 100 percent satisfactorily” because of administrative and paperwork issues regarding the monthly check-ins with his probation officer.

Boykin’s lawyer said the quarterback’s probation officer quit and moved without Boykin knowing it. Cavazos said it took “months” for a new person to be found to replace the departed probation officer, and thus the forms Boykin was sending and check-in voicemails Boykin was leaving were going to no one.

“The judge found that he did not send the forms on time,” Cavazos said, “that he should have used more due diligence, such as contacting me so I could go knocking on doors here...

“As far as in Bexar County (with violating probation), there was no finding of guilt.”

So Boykin’s current legal situation is just for the misdemeanors in Dallas, not for how it affects his probation status, as issued by the Bexar County Court system in San Antonio. On the gridiron, Boykin is looking to maintain his spot as Russell Wilson’s primary backup, with former Rams and Browns quarterback Austin Davis signed in June as his competitor.