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Seahawks Training Camp Photos and Videos for Thursday

Earl Thomas Training Camp August 10 2017
Earl Thomas Training Camp August 10 2017
Samuel Gold

From training camp on Thursday, I wanted to share some of the photos and videos I took since I was up close and personal to the players and coaches.

Seahawks started with some individual stretches. Jefferson with the 90-90 hip mobility workout.

Some more hip mobility exercises with Earl Thomas.

Thomas Rawls rawls rolling out his quads and hip flexors.

We all know football players are huge, but you really don’t get that until Jarran Reed stands right next to you.

Defensive line worked their hands on some bags prepping their pass rush moves. Doug Baldwin and Cyril Grayson were not present today.

Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright were working the jugs machine together.

Two close-up shots of Bobby Wagner getting ready for the ball.

After individual warm-ups and stretching, the team took the whole field. Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman were right upfront

Here’s George Fant working on a drive block in run blocking. He looks strong and agile in camp.

Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark were both full participants today in practice.

Pete Carroll also threw the ball around enjoying the nice weather today.

After practice, Russell Wilson took the podium to answer media questions.

Overall, the 12’s were out today. Filling up space on the berm of the VMAC training facility.

Quick video of Bobby Wagner on the jugs machine.

Amara Darboh with a delayed release into a fade route up the sideline.

Doug Baldwin on a skinny post with multiple break points.

Paul Richardson on a seam route. Full extension with his hands.

Another Richardson catch. This time on a fade route using his fingertips.

Follow me on Twitter @SamuelRGold for the rest of my camp updates! I will be at camp for one more day.