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Summer polls recap, Part 1

Field Gulls readers used the offseason to provide us with a mountain of data about the past, present and future of Seahawks football

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame-Enshrinement
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With a game of football on Sunday, the Daily Gulls Poll series ends this weekend. But not without a recap of the most interesting, popular, and surprising results obtained throughout the summer on topics dear to Seattle Seahawks fans such as yourselves. You are Seahawks fans, right?

Today represents a chance to check out again, or for the first time, how certain intriguing polls turned out. But only the ones worth revisiting. There were some duds. Which, duh. You write 85 of these, they’re not all going to hit. But many did.

The popular ones, by comments

15 polls exceeded 100 comments. Significant response. Thanks for reading and participating!

You choose the next CB2 (our first poll!), May 18, 120 comments.

Which non-divisional team garners your hate, May 24, 178 comments.

Whose recent departure stings the most, June 2, 126 comments

Seahawks jerseys you’d avoid, June 3, 231 comments

A Tom Cable referendum, June 5, 185 comments

A Darrell Bevell referendum too, June 7, 148 comments

Defining the team’s success in 2017, June 8, 137 comments

So how about Coach Jim Harbaugh, June 12, 143 comments

A hypothetical life without Russell Wilson, June 13, 122 comments

Your personal fan history, June 17, 146 comments

Our all-time 53-man roster building begins, June 21, 111 comments

What’s wrong with the league, July 7, 127 comments

The XLIX final play call, July 20, 141 comments

Justin Britt’s future with Seattle, July 21, 148 comments

Your confidence in John Schneider’s drafting, August 10, 130 comments and rising

What I recommend, since you have hours of free time today, is reading through the commentary on a topic that entices you, or that you missed the first time around. My favorites would be the insight provided on the 6/2, 6/7, 6/17 and 7/20 stories. To be honest to a fault, some comment sections are forgettable. In other ones, there are new perpectives being offered. That’s part of the charm of Field Gulls. At our best, we’re pretty awesome.

Any other popular ones, by poll answer volume

In excess of 2,000 votes came the following 15 posts.

You’re John Schneider for a day, May 28, 4,918 votes

Consider Harbaugh, June 12, 3,657 votes

Who’s leaving the Seahawks next, May 27, 3,557 votes

Jerseys you’d avoid, June 3, 3,134 votes

Who would you want back, June 2, 3,035 votes

Wilson to the Jags! Now what, June 13, 2,897 votes

Who starts opposite Richard Sherman, May 18, 2,661 votes

Which draftee misses the team, July 11, 2,377 votes

When did you become a fan, June 17, 2,252 votes

That Coach Cable referendum, June 5, 2,201 votes

Which Seahawks uniforms are the coolest, June 16, 2,128 votes

Rivals outside the NFC West, May 24, 2,126 votes

Will Britt stay or will he go, July 21, 2,036 votes

Define success for the 2017 team, June 8, 2,005 votes

The take-away is that either you guys were paying more attention in May and June, or I wrote better questions back then. Or both I suppose. Also. You like sad polls. Just accept it. It’s all right.

The 7/11 post about which draftee is on the outs — worth checking back out as camp progresses and surprises lurk around every practice.

Series you might have missed: Coaching support, uniform awesomeness, the all-time Seahawks 53, what ails the NFL, and the plays of the year for 2012 and 2013.

The Bevell and Cable ones are linked above but we also went with a Kris Richard poll. Turns out he’s got plenty of support (38 percent for, 19 percent against). Still. Maybe we’ll check in next summer again and see how the needle’s moved.

Almost all you need to know about the all-time 53 is that the practice squad is loa-oa-oaded.

If Warren Moon, Golden Tate, Kevin Mawae (currently in the Hall of Fame picture), Rufus Porter and Chris Clemons headline your practice squad, you know the guys who made the cut are exceptional.

The main league-wide problems you identified were not the commissioner’s leadership, but instead refereeing, game length and offense-friendly rules. With concussion issues on the margins. The follow-up polls, asking you to provide solutions, can be found here. In case you’re more interested in problem-solving than problem-identifying.

The plays of the year winners turned out to be:

For 2012: Kam Chancellor levels Vernon Davis (52 percent landslide).

For 2013, regular season: Sherman’s shoeless pick six (39 percent plurality).

For 2013, postseason: unsurprisingly, The Tip (79 percent) took the cake, but Jermaine Kearse’s Fourth and Seven touchdown reception was a strong second.

If you want to revisit or discover the arguments and results for the historical uniform selections, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.


The controversial polls, the surprising polls, or the questions I just want to spend a few paragraphs on because the results were instructive or fun — you get that batch tomorrow, with actual analysis attached too, possibly.