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Seahawks Training Camp Photos and Videos for Friday

Michael Bennett camera Cliff Avril Training Camp
Michael Bennett camera Cliff Avril Training Camp
Samuel Gold

From training camp on Friday, I wanted to share some of the photos and videos I took of Seahawks training camp since I was up close and personal to the players and coaches.

Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman playing catch before practice.

Full team stretches and warm up drills.

Defensive line just finished up some of their drills

Cliff Avril pumping up the crowd.

Linebackers were working on their strip and fumble recovery drills.

Nazair Jones got some extra reps on the sled and finish drill.

Pete Carroll on ESPN710 interviewing before practice.

Blitz the mascot was greeting players as they entered the field.

Pete Carroll was everywhere today. Had some fun throwing and catching the ball.

Frank Clark created leverage on the pass rush dummy.

Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett had the day off since they were veterans.

During Avril’s press conference, he received a $50,000 donation from the United Way to his foundation. Sacks for Haiti is still on!

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