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Michael Bennett doesn’t plan to stand for national anthem at any point this season

Seattle Seahawks Practice Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Michael Bennett is perhaps the most interesting interview among all NFL players, but this season he plans to make some noise not with what he says, but what he does. Or, perhaps more accurately, what he doesn’t do.

Bennett sat during the national anthem before Sunday’s preseason opener against the LA Chargers, and he told the media after the game that he plans to sit during the anthem for the whole season.

Bennett, who has a book in the works that will talk about race called “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable,” is aware of the type of attention this brought to Colin Kaepernick last season, but is ready for it.

Bennett’s father is a U.S. Army veteran and he says that he wants people to understand that he loves the military. “But I don’t love segregation. I don’t love riots. I don’t love oppression. I don’t love gender slander. And I just want to see people have equality that they deserve.”

Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, now with the Oakland Raiders, also sat during the national anthem this weekend.

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