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Sam’s Film Room: Chris Carson stood out in Thomas Rawls’ absence

Film analysis looking at his longest carry versus the Chiefs.

Edit: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link.

One of the big surprises from the Seahawks’ draft class has been running back Chris Carson out of Oklahoma State. Seattle took him in the seventh round and instead of being lost behind guys like Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls, he’s made a name for himself this preseason. Versus the Kansas City Chiefs, he was given the ball eight times and gained 46 yards on those carries. He also caught two passes gaining an additional 44 yards through the air.

In this video breakdown, I analyzed his longest runs of the game and discussed Carson’s characteristics I saw on tape.

During this game, he was excellent at running through arm tackles and running with a good forward lean to gain extra yards. While he’s not the most elusive running back, he’s still fast enough to take advantage when his line gives him space.

After watching his tape, I can’t honestly say that he’s quelled all of my concerns regarding his lack of high end speed or elite agility, but he’s certainly been the most impressive running back on the Seahawks’ roster. In my opinion, I believe he’ll make the final 53 man roster to start the season.