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Seahawks Training Camp Photos for Wednesday

Jimmy Graham Eddie Lacy
Jimmy Graham Eddie Lacy
Samuel Gold

From training camp on Wednesday, I wanted to share some of the photos I took since I was up close and personal to the players and coaches.

Here’s Doug Baldwin working on his pass rush drills with the defensive line.

Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman before practice throwing the ball around.

During practice, the linebackers were working on cut block drills and making sure the players were using their hands to stay on their feet.

Eddie Lacy after a nice long run. He’s in shoulder pads only, so you can tell for yourself if he has a weight issue.

Here are Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin watching the second team players compete.

For some reason, I feel like Luke Willson feels like he was being betrayed by Jimmy Graham here...

I was standing right next to Pete Carroll during his press conference.

And finally, my favorite picture from the day. Richard Sherman on an interception drill.

Follow me on Twitter @SamuelRGold for the rest of my camp updates! I will be at camp for two more days.