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Film Cutup: Every Russell Wilson dropback against the Packers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There has (understandably) been a lot of discussion about how the Seahawks offensive line kicked off the season on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. Poor line play killed Seattle’s first drive of the game and caused a Russell Wilson fumble that led to Green Bay’s first points of the game. Russell Wilson spent a considerable portion of the game running for his life. As in the preseason, I have compiled a three-minute video containing every Russell Wilson dropback. Due to time limitations I did not put the play numbers in the video, but hopefully it is still useful.

Here is every Wilson dropback from Sunday:

In calculating pressure rate (keeping in mind that some plays are borderline since it’s hard to define what is and isn’t a pressure), this is what I came up with:

Starting in the upper left and reading left to right, each number represents a play, with 1 meaning “pressure” and 0 meaning “no pressure”. Counting this up, I get 13 pressures on 33 dropbacks, or 39.4%. This is identical to the pressure rate calculated by PFF (thank you @_BVM).

39.4% is very bad: of 34 qualifying QBs in 2016, only Jared Goff was pressured more often than 39.4%.

More shockingly, perhaps, was a stretch of the game that saw Wilson pressured on 8 of 9 snaps. It is impossible for an NFL offense to function while the QB is pressured that often.

There may be no immediate solution to this problem, but hopefully Wilson continues to at least evade injury in spite of his lack of protection.