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Seahawks-49ers, Week 2, 3rd quarter game thread: All tied at 6-6 going into 2nd half

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

So far the Seahawks have allowed only 6 points through four first-half quarters to open the year. Unfortunately, they’ve only scored 9 points over that same period of time.

Russell Wilson is 16-of-25 in the first half for just 137 yards, getting sacked twice. They’ve collectively rushed it 17 times for 39 yards; Chris Carson and Thomas Rawls have combined to carry it 14 times for 26 yards.

The defense had mostly shutdown the 49ers offense, but on San Francisco’s final drive, couldn’t stop Carlos Hyde from his second big run of the first half. If the Niners were even halfwise-competent at QB and WR, there’s a good chance Seattle could be down at home right now. Overall, it’s a fairly disheartening performance by the Seahawks in their Seattle opener against a team that for all intents and purposes, is awful.

There’s no running game to speak of. Little hope of Wilson pushing the ball downfield with explosive plays. And the defense has had worrisome lapses in their run defense with nary a mention of Sheldon Richardson thus far, for the most part. Bobby Wagner did have an interception and there’s probably no chance that Brian Hoyer flips the field into San Francisco’s favor, but if the Seahawks can’t pull away from the Niners, what good teams can they beat convincingly?