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Sam’s Film Room: What the Seahawks can learn from Redskins domination of Raiders

Edit: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link.

Last Sunday night, the Washington Redskins dominated the Oakland Raiders on prime time. The final score of 27-10 doesn’t show how Washington had three times the number of offensive yards, sacked Derek Carr four times, and stopped Oakland from converting all 11 of their third down attempts. During this game, the Redskins’ defense was gap sound, played fast to the ball, and limited yards after the catch.

The Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, and Washington Redskins, all have their offenses rooted in West Coast Concepts. All three of these teams run screens and while the Redskins have started moving away from much of their zone running, the Raiders and Seahawks still use a healthy dose of it.

In this video, I discussed the basic strategies and general trends on how the Redskins were able to dismantle one of the best offenses in the NFL. The big takeaway is that the Redskins played pretty much one coverage all night, Cover 2, but played it soundly and forced Derek Carr into mistakes.

This basic theory is something the Seahawks have relied upon under Pete Carroll with their Cover 3 defense. They have the talent at every position, but they need to execute to give Seattle a chance in their games since the offense is far from consistent.

Versus the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, this will be a great test for this defense. T.Y. Hilton is a great receiver and Jacoby Brisset hasn’t played awful in Andrew Luck’s absence. Execution will be important and if they do that, they should come out with a victory.