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Las Vegas police union asks NFL to investigate Michael Bennett

If you thought that the Michael Bennett-Las Vegas police incident that rocked headlines on Wednesday would go away quickly and quietly, you were sadly mistaken.

On Thursday, a letter from Las Vegas detective Steve Grammas (and union head) to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was released on Twitter by local CBS reporter Vanessa Murphy. In the letter, Grammas tells the commissioner that Bennett made “false allegations” against Vegas officers, and that “while the NFL may condone Bennett’s disrespect for our American flag, and everything it symbolizes, we hope the League will not ignore Bennett’s false accusations against our police officers.”

Grammas describes the incident how he sees it — that officers responded to “one of the most dangerous calls a law enforcement officer can be assigned- an active shooter firing rounds in a crowded casino” (it turned out there was no shooter, no gun, and no shots) — and that he’d like to see Goodell investigate Bennett for his “false allegations.” Presumably, Grammas actually believes that the NFL could and should suspend Bennett for giving his side of the story publicly.

This would suggest that at least from the union side, they are not prepared to see an investigation the officers who arrested Bennett and whether or not it was just, but instead are looking for Bennett to continue to be harassed and bothered from this incident. Somehow, the Las Vegas police aren’t done looking into what Bennett has done “wrong” from that night a little less than two weeks ago.

And I’m not sure how they could possibly think that’s right.