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Thoughts on the Darrell Bevell firing

NFL: NOV 27 Seahawks at Buccaneers Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When the Seattle Seahawks fired Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell on Tuesday, I was a little bit surprised. Since becoming the OC in 2011, the Seahawks have averaged a Top 10 offense according to FootballOutsiders. Even during the tumultuous 2017 season, his offense was ranked 14th in efficiency:

Looking at this chart, his best seasons were between 2012-2015 which corresponded to when the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson and paired him with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. However, once Lynch left the team, Seattle failed to re-establish the staple of this offense: the run game.

In 2017 alone, the Seahawks had six running backs carry the football. Since Week 4, Chris Carson’s 208 rushing yards were the most of any running back on the roster until Mike Davis finally surpassed him in Week 17. Not only is this figure abysmal, but Russell Wilson led the team’s rushing by more than two times any running back.

In my opinion, this lack of run game stems from multiple sources. First, the inability of the Seahawks’ offensive line to create running lanes due to poor technique. Second, the lack of a talented, healthy running back to consistently take advantage of the open running lanes. Third, the lack of creativity in the run game by Bevell and Tom Cable.

Of those three reasons, the finger can certainly be pointed in all directions. Was it Tom Cable’s fault for his coaching methods? Was it Darrell Bevell’s fault for not adapting and understanding what exactly his team is capable of? Or was it GM John Schneider’s fault for not finding more talent in the NFL Draft or for not spending more cap space on offensive lineman?

In my opinion, all of these points have some validity to them. While I obviously don’t think John Schneider should be fired, I feel like other changes have to be made.

As of right now, here is how I would summarize my feelings about the situation:

  • Firing Cable, Keeping Bevell = I’m 100% okay with.
  • Firing Cable, Firing Bevell = I’m 90% okay with.
  • Keeping Cable, Firing Bevell = I’m 0% okay with.
  • Promoting Cable*, Firing Bevell = I’m negative 100% okay with.

*Note: This was suggested by one of ESPN’s Mike Sando’s colleagues, but I feel like it’s speculation to stir controversy.