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Ex-Seahawks are scarce on the four teams left in the 2018 NFL playoffs

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

We’re down to just four teams remaining in the 2018 NFL Playoffs, and according to my sources, none of them is the Seattle Seahawks. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

One thing you may notice from the teams competing in this weekend’s conference championship games is the paucity of former Seahawks players on their rosters. In fact, the only ex-Seahawks on any of the four active rosters are defensive tackle Alan Branch of the New England Patriots, and punter Donnie Jones of the Philadelphia Eagles. Branch was with the Seahawks from 2011-2012, had one year with the Buffalo Bills, then signed with the Patriots in 2014, so he’s got two Super Bowl rings, with a chance at a third. Donnie Jones was Seattle’s punter in 2004 but that’s as far as his ties go with the organization. (Edit: Thanks to Suburban Shocker for pointing out Jones for me!)

Special teams stud Chris Maragos is actually with the Philadelphia Eagles, but unfortunately tore his PCL in Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers, so he’s out for the season, hence he’s not on their active roster. Maragos was with the Seahawks from 2011-2013, and has been in Philly since 2014.

If you’re really wanting to stretch things out, the Minnesota Vikings do have Tramaine Brock, but Brock was only a member of the Seahawks for roughly two weeks of the 2017 preseason before being traded to Minnesota, so does he really count? I didn’t think so.

There is one former Seahawks coaching assistant of note aiming to go to the Super Bowl for the first time. Todd Wash is the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defensive coordinator, with Doug Marrone keeping him on his staff even after Gus Bradley was fired. Wash was Seattle’s defensive line coach from 2011-2012, then joined Bradley in Jacksonville after the latter was named Jaguars head coach in 2013. So far, so good for Mr. Wash, as he’s engineered the #1 defense by DVOA ranking.

And uh... that’s it. One of Branch or Wash will definitely be eliminated this weekend, so the Super Bowl is not going to have much of a former Seahawks presence this season.