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EPA replay: The top 10 plays from the final game of the season

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is it, folks. Sunday’s Seahawks-Cardinals game turned out to not matter for anything but draft position, making this the last edition of this year’s EPA Replay, and in the end the Seahawks lost yet another home game.

For an overview of EPA and this series, see my intro article here. Onto the plays:

#10. Q4 3-1 ARI 31: (13:15) Russell Wilson pass incomplete deep left to Luke Willson.

EPA:2.31. Score before play: SEA14, ARI23. SEA WP change: 29-> 21. TD% before: 47. TD% after: 5

#9. Q3 1-10 SEA 28: (4:15) (Shotgun) Mike Davis up the middle ran ob at ARI 39 for 33 yards.

EPA:2.42. Score before play: SEA14, ARI23. SEA WP change: 22-> 30. TD% before: 36. TD% after: 50

It is very rare to have rushing plays in these pieces, especially Seattle ones, but here is one.

#8. Q3 3-2 SEA 35: (4:29) (Shotgun) Drew Stanton pass incomplete short right to D.J. Foster.

EPA:2.44. Score before play: ARI20, SEA14. SEA WP change: 19-> 27. TD% before: 44. TD% after: 6

Stanton threw a pass in the dirt.

#7. Q1 -0 SEA 35: Blair Walsh kicks 63 yards from SEA 35 to ARI 2. D.Foster to SEA 43 for 55 yards.

EPA:2.52. Score before play: ARI7, SEA7. SEA WP change: 48-> 40. TD% before: 35. TD% after: 48

Delano Hill allowed himself to get blocked completely out of the play.

#6. Q1 1-10 SEA 25: (9:05) D.Stanton pass deep right to Jaron Brown for 25 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

EPA:2.74. Score before play: ARI0, SEA0. SEA WP change: 38-> 28. TD% before: 53. TD% after: 100

Michaell Bennett had a free run at Stanton and couldn’t bring him down.

#5. Q4 1-10 ARI 29: (10:31) R.Wilson pass deep right to Doug Baldwin for 29 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

EPA:2.95. Score before play: SEA17, ARI23. SEA WP change: 41-> 52. TD% before: 51. TD% after: 100

Great throw and catch.

#4. Q2 3-14 ARI 16: (8:59) (Shotgun) D.Stanton pass deep right to J.J. Nelson to ARI 34 for 18 yards.

EPA:2.96. Score before play: ARI17, SEA7. SEA WP change: 23-> 15. TD% before: 17. TD% after: 34

The Seahawks drop 8 into coverage and still lose track of the receiver.

#3. Q3 2-13 ARI 18: (9:05) (Shotgun) R.Wilson pass deep left to D.Baldwin for 18 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

EPA:3.02. Score before play: SEA7, ARI20. SEA WP change: 20-> 29. TD% before: 45. TD% after: 100

Luke Willson’s route pulls the safety towards the middle of the field enough for Baldwin to get free.

#2. Q3 4-6 ARI 35: (10:23) (Shotgun) R.Wilson pass short middle to Jimmy Graham to ARI 15 for 20 yards.

EPA:3.17. Score before play: SEA7, ARI20. SEA WP change: 14-> 21. TD% before: 18. TD% after: 54

This looked so easy that one wonders why it doesn’t happen more often.

#1. Q1 -0 ARI 35: Phil Dawson kicks 64 yards from ARI 35 to SEA 1. Tyler Lockett for 99 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

EPA:6.08. Score before play: SEA0, ARI7. SEA WP change: 30-> 49. TD% before: 35. TD% after: 100

Nice burst from Lockett here.

The end

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed this series this year. Over the next couple weeks, I’m planning on doing a season recap by picking out the play from that game’s top 10 EPA list that I believe is most representative of a given game.

If I do this series again next year, should I make any changes? I’ll check the comments section here to see what everyone thinks. Thank you for reading along!