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Best Super Bowl locations: Home, bar, or at the game?


In continuing SB Nation’s Super Bowl leadup series of posts, today we are looking at the best places to watch a game. The Seattle Seahawks have been to three Super Bowls since 2005, giving us three opportunities to root for our team recently.

I watched Super Bowl XL at a college bar. The upside is that in a bar full of the same team’s fans, the excitement of a big play can be as thrilling as it is in the stadium; consider all the “reaction videos” that go viral or that news crews chase when a team is on the brink of a championship. The downside though is that if you’re me, you drank too much. A bar almost has too much access to alcohol and is very expensive.

I watched Super Bowl 49 at a good friend’s house. The upside is your surrounded by people you like and want to watch a game with an nobody else usually. The downside is that there can often be a little less excitement in those venues and eventually half of the people there will end up watching the game from the decorative plant they’re sitting on because house party viewing parties never have enough chairs.

I watched XLVIII at a friend of my brother’s house. I didn’t know anyone else there except my brother. The upside is that the Seahawks actually won that day. The downside is everything else. Don’t go to a rando’s house for the Super Bowl.

The downside to going to the Super Bowl is the prohibitive cost, missing the commercials, and maybe not being that comfortable. I guess the upside is being at the Super Bowl, but is that more than just bragging rights? Or am I just jealous?


Where’s the best place to watch the game?

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  • 26%
    House Party
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  • 8%
    The Game
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