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Sam’s Film Room: Nick Chubb and Sony Michel could be great in the Seahawks’ offense

Edit: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link.

With Pete Carroll mentioning that upgrading the running back position is a “primary concern” for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason, I wanted to start looking at a couple of the running backs in the 2018 NFL Draft. With the National Championship coming up on Monday, there will be two potential 2018 NFL Draft prospects that you should watch out for. These two players are running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel from Georgia. In the Rose Bowl versus Oklahoma, they amassed over 320 rushing yards on the ground. In this video, I broke down how they did that against the Sooners’ defense.

As I discussed in my video, I don’t believe that either running back is worthy of a first round pick this April. In my opinion, both of these players should be available late second to early third round in the draft.

But the Seahawks don’t have a second or third round pick this year?

That’s correct. Seattle traded their second round pick to the New York Jets for Sheldon Richardson and they also traded their third round pick to the Houston Texans for Duane Brown. The Seahawks do, however, have a mid first round pick this year.

According to the NFL Draft Trade Chart, the Seahawks’ 18th overall pick is worth 900 points. John Schneider could trade down later in the first to grab a third round pick as compensation or he could trade ever further out of the first round altogether in order to grab multiple Day 2 picks in this draft. One of those picks could be used on a running back like Chubb or Michel.

Based on my video, what do you think? Is trading down and drafting a running back like Chubb or Michel a good idea for the Seahawks?


Should the Seahawks trade down to draft a RB?

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  • 46%
    Yes, Chubb or Michel sounds good!
    (643 votes)
  • 9%
    Yes, but different RB.
    (134 votes)
  • 19%
    No, stay put at #18 and draft BPA.
    (273 votes)
  • 24%
    No, OL OL and more OL!
    (341 votes)
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